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Professional home inspection services to Danville, Lynchburg, Smith Mtn Lake, Bedford, Roanoke, Martinsville, Lexington and surrounding areas.

How we Set a Higher Standard

A residential living space is often satisfactory but seldom perfect—a fact that can lead to a great deal of stress for a prospective home buyer. How can you know that the home you’re considering will live up to your expectations? At Master Home Inspections, we offer a superior home inspection that will give you peace of mind with your decision. Our methodical and investigative approach to the inspection process ensures that virtually every square inch is covered—giving you the knowledge and confidence to protect your purchase and secure your family’s future.

Commercial Property Inspections

We offer thorough commercial inspections that will diagnose any issues with the primary structure of a building and any installed mechanical systems. We can inspect commercial buildings of virtually any size, ranging from factories to small business spaces.

Pre-listing Inspections

This inspection can be a tremendous asset for individuals who are preparing to sell a home. We’ll arrive to the property to evaluate the condition of the home and its various systems, determining if there are any issues that you need to be aware of. This will help you establish a much greater level of trust during negotiations when you disclose known issues to prospective buyers, ensuring that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Avoid 11th-hour negotiations and delays, and justify your full asking price by having your home pre-inspected by a Move-in-Certified inspector today!

New Construction Inspections

When construction is nearly finished on your new home, it’s wise to seek the opinion of a third-party, objective home inspector. We’ll assess the materials used to ensure that they’re safe and applied to the structure correctly. We’ll also look over any installed mechanical systems to make sure that there are no defects that need to be addressed by the contractors.

4-Point Inspections

A 4 Point Inspection may be required by your insurance agency if you’re seeking coverage on an older home. The inspection consists of a thorough evaluation of four key areas: the HVAC, roofing, plumbing, and electrical systems.

Water Testing

To ensure that a home has access to clean water, we’ll take samples from the well (if applicable) and the tap. A laboratory test will reveal if any dangerous concentrations of bacteria or heavy metals are present—giving you vital information that can be used to determine how to best proceed in negotiations to buy the home.


If during our original home inspection, we discovered one or more defective components—then we’ll be glad to return to the property to evaluate any repairwork. We’ll check for safety adherence, proper installation, and to ensure that no remaining issues are present.

Mark Stewart, Elisa Stewart, Garrett Stewart Your Team, Your Family

Hello and welcome to Master Home Inspections! We’re Mark, Elisa and Garrett Stewart, 3 generations of home inspectors who love to share our knowledge and experience with home buyers.

With all of the reporting and industry changes of the last 22+ years, our family business has also progressed: what began with Mark inspecting and running the business alone, has grown into three generations of our family inspecting and working together as a team, on every inspection. Over the last few years, Garrett has grown into the position of lead home inspector, while Mark continues to provide his vast experience and wisdom in a mentoring supervisory role.

We are very proud of how far our family, our business and our reporting have come over the last 2+ decades and our family looks forward to joining your family during this important journey toward buying your future home.

Mark's Journey

When moving his entire family from Hollywood, Florida to Danville, Virginia in 1993, Mark had home inspections for each of the 3 homes our family was purchasing. The reports, purchased from Lowe’s, were handwritten and had very little information. Within a short amount of time, several systems had failed, requiring major repairs. Those major system failures would have been anticipated or prevented altogether, had the home inspector actually gone into the crawl space, attic and walked the roof.

This frustrating experience is what inspired Mark to look into the home inspection industry and led him to become a certified home inspector. After attending the National Institute of Building Inspectors for his certification, Mark began providing his community with good, quality home inspections… the kind of home inspections that he wishes he and his family had received. Mark’s desire to inspect every home and building as though it’s for his own family, has served us well over the years. This guiding principle is still the foundation of everything we do to this day.

Elisa's Journey

Elisa joined this journey with her dad in 2004, as Mark’s office manager. Then in 2006, she attended the National Institute of Building Inspectors to become a certified home inspector. Elisa’s favorite parts of the home inspection process (besides her morning coffee) are ensuring resident pet satisfaction, getting to know any miniature humans attending inspections with their family, and keeping her guys organized and on time.

Garrett's Journey

Garrett began his home inspector journey right around the time he began kindergarten! He has been “helping” his Poppy on inspections since the age of 5. By the time he was a teenager, Garrett knew he wanted to become a home inspector so he took every building trades class available through his high school and he joined the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors to also begin classes online. After graduation in 2018, he completed his formal, in-person, home inspector training and went on to pass the state exam to get his VA license. Garrett continues to do an excellent job of following the guiding principle Mark started with: Provide an inspection report for every client as though they’re family.


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